Jason Newton

Chief Instructor and Owner of Esplanade Surf School. Qualified International Surf Coach. Growing up in Dunedin I have a lot of experience and knowledge surfing along our coastlines . I've been a local competitive surfer for 30 years and surfed waves around the world. I am passionate about helping children, tourists, students and locals alike have an awesome experience learning to surf at the Esplanade Surf School.

Glen Drinkwater

I started surfing in my 20's and I am still going strong in my 50's. Love to surf every chance I get, even in the middle of winter. I have been coaching for the last 8 years. I enjoy the thrill of seeing beginners getting their first rides. I plan to still be surfing age at age 80!

Hamish Henderson

A Qualified surf Instructor. I am a experienced commercial boatman in remote southern NZ. I have surfed Dunedin for Sixteen years, my biggest surfing achievement was riding a 30ft wave at Papatowai. Another big part of my life is music. I love to see people enjoy surfing for the first time and can't wait to see you at the beach.

Jake Barton

Otago longboard champ and 2nd South Island champs 2014. Musician/member of Summer Thieves. Bachelor in music(Otago university) and a postgraduate diploma in music(Otago University)

Oliver Le Noel

A Qualified Surf Instructor. I've been surfing for 10 years and coaching for 5 years in New Zealand from Great Barrier Island,Sandy Bay to Esplanade Surf School at St Clair. I've surfed for the Auckland Surf School team, came 2nd in the South Island Board riders competition and have been a lifeguard for Muriwai beach. I also tend to snap boards so have been shaping boards since I was 17


Kia Ora! I'm Moku, from Japan.  I'd probably say that my favourite things to do are hanging out at the beach with surfers and receiving attention from surfers.  I get really stoked when I meet new surfers, the cool ones give me lots of attention, which I like.  Are you a surfer?  We should hang out at the beach.

Steve Newton

A Qualified Surf Instructor. I've been surfing locally in and around Dunedin for 30 years, have had 20 surfing trips to remote places in Indonesia, learning fluent Indonesian along the way. I've been a commercial free diver for 23 years and have been a surf coach for 4 years, I get great enjoyment out of coaching the sport I love and helping up and coming surfers improve.

Joe Palmer

I am 18 years old and study commerce at Otago University. I came to Dunedin for it's world class quality of surf and it's well known student culture.  Surfing is my passion and pretty much all I do with my life. I aim to get in the water at least once a day. I get a lot of enjoyment from Surf Coaching and last summer became a fully Qualified Surf Coach with the International Surfing Association.  I am utterly stoked with this, as there is nothing better than passing on my passion to others and helping them get completely hooked!  I have been surfing for 5 years and I'm ranked 5th U-18 National series and current the U-18 Otago Surf Champ.  I'm sponsored by Atyson Clothing, SUPERbrand surfboards, Seventh Wave and High Voltage.

Evie Newton

I run the surf school with my husband Jason,.  I have been surfing for 10yrs here in Dunedin and abroad.
I love meeting new people through the Surf School, it's a thrill being part of their experience learning to surf and to see how stoked they are!