Group Session

  • Child- $40 per lesson

  • Adult- $60 per lesson

  • $140.00 for 3 lesson package

  • 90 minutes

  • Full Surfing Gear provided

  • We cater for any sized group

You can join a group lesson as a singular person. We have one or two lessons running a day but email or call us below if the times do not suit.

This lesson gives you a great introduction to surfing for the beginner and for those wanting to improve their skills.

Content can include:

  • Beach Safety

  • Introduction to Equipment

  • Stretching

  • Paddling Technique

  • Board Control

  • Catching the white water

  • Standing & Popping Up

  • Wiping Out Safely

  • Board Control

  • Duck Diving/Eskimo Rolls

  • Wave Selection

  • Catching and Riding a Green Wave

NB: Please call or email if you wish to book 3 Lesson Package for Group Lessons.

Individual Lesson

  • child-$95 per lesson

  • Adult-$120 per lesson

  • $300.00 for 3 lesson package

  • 90 minutes

  • Full Surfing Gear provided

Enjoy the benefits of a one on one coaching session with your own personal qualified instructor, they will be alongside to give constructive feedback and attention to help you improve faster.

This is the most comprehensive introduction to surfing or the perfect way to take yourself to the next level of surfing.

All lessons are tailor-made to your level and will progress at a pace you are comfortable with.

After School Crew & Weekend Warriors

  • Wednesdays 4pm

  • Saturdays 1pm

  • $30.00 per lesson

  • Under 16's

  • 90 minutes

  • Full Surfing Gear provided

What else would you be doing?  Actually, don't answer that... Talk to your old's and get into these fun and safe group lessons!  If you want to book multiple lessons email or call us!

The Family Lesson

  • $200.00 per lesson

  • 2 Adults 3 kids

  • 90 minutes

  • Full Surfing Gear provided

Get everyone onboard (literally!) and have a blast learning together.   Guaranteed to be a laugh and a great family experience.